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Essential personnel

SSME Nozzles.jpgOkay, so I went to work last night at eleven and didn’t get home until about eight-thirty this morning, but I will be back on day shift tomorrow. You see, when you are one of only five people on the space center who can do a certain job, and they decide to work around the clock, you have to be flexible and work weird hours sometimes. It is tough, but it is kind of expected, so I do it. I had to go and work away from my normal work area, and instead reported to the Orbiter Processing Facility, Bay 1. We were doing thruster valve signature traces, but I don’t want to bore you with that, so instead I will post a couple of photos I took from the area. In the first one you can see the Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) nozzles, then there is a shot overlooking the open payload bay looking from the aft of the ship. The last is a shot inside one of the SSME nozzles. Click on the pictures for big.

Payload Bay open.jpg

SSME Nozzle.jpg


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