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So yesterday Space Shuttle Atlantis safely returned home to us at Kennedy Space Center early in the morning. I heard the double sonic boom of its arrival while on my way to work in the dark of morning. If you are not aware of what was accomplished on this mission you must watch this video. Massive solar arrays were attached to the International Space station and carefully unfurled and it is a pretty interesting sight to see. I am going to leave you this Friday evening with this to watch and see a bit of my world and what we work towards all year. Enjoy!

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The curse of Atlantis is lifted!

So we finally launched STS-115 after much suspense. You may not realize that this is the first launch of Atlantis since 2002. It was in the Vehicle Assembly building being stacked for launch at the time of the Columbia accident, so afterwards it was destacked and went through a major modification down period. Yay Atlantis!

These photos were taken just outside the press site at the space center. It is the best place I have found to get a good view unless you are some kind of VIP, and I don’t qualify; I just put the durned things together!

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Let’s try this one more time…

So after all the craziness that has gone on this “flow” as we call the preparation for a space shuttle mission, it looks like we actually have a decent shot at launching tomorrow, at 12:29. It will be really good to see another one launch, and get back to some sense of normalcy with regular missions again. The next mission after this one is scheduled for mid December, which is right around the corner.

I don’t kow how much of it will be televised, but this mission should be a really interesting one. Several HUGE solar arrays are being delivered to the International Space Station where they will be carefully unfolded to their full glory. These will give the station much needed electrical power, and it is pretty impressive to see the way they managed to get the enormous panels to fold up so small. I saw it on TV actually. The Discovery channel, you know, they have all kinds of neat space related shows. It is weird sometimes when they air programs about space shuttle processing and I see a bunch of people on there that I know from work. Anyway, everyone please keep their firngers crossed or pray or whatever you do for a successful launch tomorrow and safe mission thereafter. Godspeed Atlantis!


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