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Disruptive Technology

I can’t believe it, but the ideas keep flowing for me lately. It is so great to not be stifled by negativity anymore and be working with people that foster my creative tendencies. I had such a wonderful idea today- I just wish I could share, but my company and NASA own most of the contents of my brain, so it will be a while before I can do so. No worries.

Most of my inventions are related to Industrial Safety, though many have “spin-off” uses in other industries. The funny part is that you would think that the safety community in my company would be all over them and excited about the possibilities, but it seems that is not the case so much. In contrast, the new technology department is very enthusiastic about my ideas, and is thrilled to try to move them forward in the NASA reporting system.  But I think many of the dismissive attitudes from safety people became much clearer to me after I talked to the director of Technology Innovation with my company.  She said that the fact that the safety people were not excited about my inventions was likely due to the fact that they constituted “disruptive technology” or innovations that challenge the status quo.  These things sometimes make people uncomfortable, because they fear change. The fact that some people may have negative responses to my creations may be an indication that they are great ideas. She said that NASA is seeking out this “disruptive technology,” that that is what they want.

After realizing that what she said was true, I don’t let it bother me so much when my inventions are not received with the enthusiasm that I would expect. Now that I understand where people are coming from it doesn’t worry me so much and I just temper their reactions with my new knowledge. I think things are just starting to “get good.”


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