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40 Years

Our big event today at work was a retirement. We got to see off a wonderful friend and co-worker who, amazingly, has worked on the Space Program for FORTY YEARS! Yes, you read that right. This guy has worked out there for nine more years than I have even been alive, starting back during the days of the Apollo Program.

We had a celebration at work for him followed by one at a restaurant’s outdoor gazebo. The presentation of several plaques and things at work was really nice, and there was all kinds of joking and laughter, because the manager that was presenting was only forty-one years old and was still in diapers when the retiree started working there. He told a great story about the first time he went out to the space center for an interview, in 1965, and his car was broken down, so he walked out there. This is a big deal because we are talking about over fifteen miles each way, and then they didn’t even hire him! He was finally hired six months later as a janitor, and has worked there ever since. It is very inspirational. He talked to us about how early on he got discouraged nand wanted to quit, and one of his co-workers taught him to see through the “rose colored glasses” and persevere.

So congratulations to my co-worker for finally making it through to retirement, and at an age where he still enjoys good health. I wish him the best.

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