Hubble Servicing Mission


STS-125 Astronauts, originally uploaded by Flying Jenny.

As some of you know, we launched on Monday. It was a beautiful launch, but this one was an exceptionally cool one for me. It wasn’t the first launch that I posted live on Twitter, actually I think this was the third for me. But this one was the first time that I got to meet someone I knew from Twitter. I saw a tweet from @RyInSpace that he was waiting to see the astronauts come out of the Operations & Checkout Building to the Astronaut van. I had never gotten to see that in person before, but it happens less than a mile away from where I was sitting at work. I okayed it with my manager and decided to go over to see it for myself (on my own time, of course). It was definitely cool to see, and I met my twitter friend there too!

Andy had a Twitter encounter too, yesterday. Twitterer @absolutspacegrl was visiting the space center from Johnson Space Center where she works. Andy was able to give her and her co-workers a fantastic tour of the launch pad. Click here to see some of our photos of the launch and prelaunch events.

Oh, and I almost forgot- the iPhone photo of the launch that I tweeted made the page: Link

Mine is the fourth photo from the top.

  1. #1 by Heather on May 18, 2009 - 5:58 pm

    Man…I just can’t seem to get in to the twitter spirit!! I know I need to considering i signed on a little while ago. Everyone twitters all the time and its cool to get on the spot thoughts! I think twitter is taken over blogging! There are a few blogs I reguarly read and they are/might be shutting down because they have nothing to say that they didn’t tweat already! LOL Good to see though that all your HARD work is finally paying off! I know I am only a “blog friend/blog reading person” but I am proud of you and your dilagence and how you stuck to getting things done in your work and your house and everything else you do! You are and definatly should be an inspiration to all those around you!

  2. #2 by russ on June 1, 2009 - 9:51 am

    Is it true the astronauts have a tradition of sorts where they touch some wall or an awning before exiting towards the astrovan? I always heard this but never confirmed it or heard about it anywhere. In fact, I cannot recall how I even heard it to begin with. Maybe during the Apollo days.

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