The crackling sounds of power


Some of you may remember this post, on our most recent launch day where I posted about the amazing crackling sounds of a launch. I finally found a crummy little video I took with my digital camera of Columbia’s final launch in January of 2003. It gives you an idea at least of what it is like to view a launch as close up as possible. Click on the picture to see (and hear) the video. In person the noise rattles all the buildings and you can actually fee the sound. Turn up your speakers for a better effect, and be patient with the video hosting, it is a little slow sometimes.

  1. #1 by on September 2, 2005 - 9:37 pm

    It is an amazing amount of energy released in such a short time.

  2. #2 by Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling on September 3, 2005 - 3:58 am

    Snap, crackle and pop.

  3. #3 by Jeff on September 3, 2005 - 9:00 am

    Very cool!!! I have loved the space program since I was a kid. My mum took me to Kennedy in 1976 right around the time of Viking and Apollo-Soyuz.

    NASA was cool then…

  4. #4 by JB on September 3, 2005 - 1:00 pm

    I’ve always loved space travel since I was a kid building model rockets.

    Very cool site!

    By the way, smart chicks are hot. 🙂

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