Hurricane Mania

The north part of Florida, where my parents and sister live is getting pounded by tropical Storm Bonnie right now, although I heard it was just downgraded to a tropical depression. And we are faced with the possibility of being hit by Hurricane Charley late Friday or sometime Saturday. At work we had to cover all of the flight hardware (space shuttle pieces) with plasic in case the roofs leak and plastic bag our computers, tie things down, etcetera. We are still not sure if we will even go in to work tomorrow. We have to call the Duty Office after Eight tonight to find out. The space center has its own method of categorizing hurricanes, based on the ammount of time before 50 knot winds are expected. When it gets down to 12 hours until 50 knot winds are expected (also called HURCON II) they send everyone but the Hurricane Rideout Team home. I sure hope we get the day off tomorrrow, but it isn’t looking good right now. If we do have to work, there isn’t really anything we can do anyway, because everything is all wrapped up in preparation for the hurricane. And we have our own hurricane prep to do on our own houses. We are hoping that there won’t be much damage, but we still have to prepare.

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